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The datasets compilation of large-scale ecological vegetation map.
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Adobe PDF - 15.8 MB - MD5: 1ef55caa6c930d47a3ff4bd0e0baac47
A0 PDF map of S. Duri with ID : 1316-52
Adobe PDF - 0 B - MD5: 82203de79943d670a29311d2b761ec77
A0 PDF map of P. Kabung with ID : 1316-53
Adobe PDF - 15.9 MB - MD5: 92f23dbad931097f5c2dce6f86e54589
A0 PDF map of Singkawang with ID : 1316-54
Adobe PDF - 39.7 MB - MD5: 1a13a7dab2dc3d8a3519a2d36bc69347
A0 PDF map of Capkala with ID : 1316-61
Adobe PDF - 36.6 MB - MD5: 16b1cd4bc98b98bfc3c7633740213dac
A0 PDF map of Karangan with ID : 1316-62
Adobe PDF - 31.7 MB - MD5: be9d089211d578838d97cb1c84bb924f
A0 PDF map of Samalantan with ID : 1316-63
Adobe PDF - 30.6 MB - MD5: 2b2ea340c322f1e7f808a8e034a8fe67
A0 PDF map of Bengkayang with ID : 1316-64
Adobe PDF - 1.6 MB - MD5: a678a5e2ff841c3e7a764472778cc8ca
A0 PDF map of Pamangkat with ID : 1317-22
Adobe PDF - 0 B - MD5: 38f3476e6e7a8c0b34c9e37fd98ce8ae
A0 PDF map of P. Pontianak with ID : 1317-24
Adobe PDF - 6.2 MB - MD5: 65a5a7f88d55919c374baa9ae601b0d2
A0 PDF map of Tebas with ID : 1317-31
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