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JPEG Image - 1.1 MB - MD5: a15140435092ff2e067c9b8333d833bf
The dendrogram of the two-way cluster analysis using the monthly rainfall data (thickness of horizontal black bars) classified as the El Nino years. Four clusters of years, separated by horizontal dashed lines, were extracted from this analysis (P1, P2, P3, and P4). The X-axis an...
JPEG Image - 1.3 MB - MD5: b60986bd0efaa5f0fcd1be2498f9d4a1
Same as Figure 1 with the rainfall data from normal years. Clusters are P5-P8.
JPEG Image - 1.1 MB - MD5: dd4760a6818e6bc45873dbd6a826d91c
Same as Figure 1 with the rainfall data from La Nina years. Clusters are P9-P12.
JPEG Image - 119.1 KB - MD5: 4d5ff0b775fc65c6390a0a61360bde1a
Mean monthly precipitation of each group derived by the cluster analysis (see Figures S1 to “S3) for El Nino (top), normal (middle), and La Nina (bottom) conditions. Values in the legends represent the probability for every rainfall group within the broad El Nino, normal, and La...
PNG Image - 405.7 KB - MD5: 8cbd71b220a819328404655dee446240
This file presents a map of the 33 data collection sites, and the names of the partners and their institutions at each site.
JPEG Image - 2.4 MB - MD5: 3a2c32230e45d6770b11eaa8857ffd6f
JPEG Image - 2.2 MB - MD5: 13197105b2257ac434f74df5818e54e6
JPEG Image - 2.5 MB - MD5: ef0a39f11cb8d8b0d1696b3d79ad59a7
JPEG Image - 2.7 MB - MD5: 69c5c6dfd47643584d99f6d1cccc000e
JPEG Image - 2.6 MB - MD5: ec9476cfc1f62ffa0241a94e50128d1e
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