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Adobe PDF - 752.7 KB - MD5: 4038939f48474c6f4111a68043335edb
Adobe PDF - 1.4 MB - MD5: b2c7755e432c8f0d6fb05e7e55c7dbd2
Mar 3, 2016 - PMRV Database
MS Word - 8.3 MB - MD5: 5516a7c8ee89443eb9363a0248ed13b2
MRVDB Userguide. Please download all the zip files and follow the guideline to use the database properly.
Adobe PDF - 933.2 KB - MD5: 7b3a3d8f8bd0c1fb8257cd4624aba669
This file provides a list of all the codes used in the dataset files. It includes codes for yes/no answers, products, forest markets, land categories, forest categories, tenure regimes, modes of transport, types of wage work, units of measurement, household assets, agricultural i...
Adobe PDF - 190.9 KB - MD5: c236f051db9f7ce8ba46ffa11574bbd3
This file provides a list of country codes, partner codes and names.
Adobe PDF - 234.4 KB - MD5: 230c409f6042d9601281f38536945f1a
This file provides a summary of the PEN project, and presents information on the questionnaire, technical guidelines, codes, data quality and data collection methods, and dataset modifications.
PNG Image - 405.7 KB - MD5: 8cbd71b220a819328404655dee446240
This file presents a map of the 33 data collection sites, and the names of the partners and their institutions at each site.
Adobe PDF - 496.2 KB - MD5: 7aa9793ee74b2fd4d05af8a340a94205
This file sets out the contents of the PEN questionnaire used for the project.
Adobe PDF - 40.1 KB - MD5: 5af7405954cd89222ed23b089a3dcddb
List of PEN site location.
Adobe PDF - 731.3 KB - MD5: de2131e44b7c7893cf6761a0eab4a098
This file outlines the technical guidelines followed for PEN data collection.
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