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The objectives of the Forest Spatial Information Catalog (FSIC) are to provide accessible geospatial data to researchers, development practitioners and planners in governmental, community and non-governmental organizations. It aims to provide a common platform for sharing forest-related data by fostering common standards and good practice among stakeholders and research partners. With the FSIC initiative, CIFOR contributes to the Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI) which is an initiative of the geospatial scientists within the Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research (CGIAR), linking the efforts of CGIAR scientists, national and international partners, and others working to apply and advance Geospatial Science for International Sustainable Agriculture Development, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity Conservation, and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries.
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Nov 2, 2017
Suryadi, I.; Prasetyo, P., 2017, "Land cover map 2017 of Dompas village, Riau Province, Indonesia.",, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), V1
The map contain 13 land cover classes interpreted in October 2017 using object-oriented classification method based on Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, sensor acquisition day 30 June 2017, band composite 11-8-2. Spatial resolution of the map 20 m. Datum of map WGS 1984, Projection S...
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May 21, 2017 - General
Gaveau, D.L.A.; Salim, M.; Arjasakusuma, S., 2016, "Deforestation and industrial plantations development in Borneo",, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), V2
The dataset reveals forty-two years (1973-2015) of forest degradation by the logging industry, and conversion to industrial oil palm and pulpwood plantations in Borneo, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. To view the data online, please visit: Atlas of deforestation and in...
Unknown - 0 B - MD5: b6f92cd15ee873262a8bb731ba8ac514
We mapped the Borneo-wide decline in forest area over four consecutive periods (1973–2000, 2001–2005, 2006–2010, 2011–2015, and for year 2016) by combining four published LANDSAT-based datasets (1,2,3,4). First, we combined two comparable Forest maps (1,2), each showing the exten...
Unknown - 0 B - MD5: bfa2068025106d33705e647ff7fb18b2
Dataset of forest cover in 2016. In Borneo, ‘Forest’ are mainly closed-canopy (>90% cover) and high carbon stock (Above Ground carbon > 150 Mg C/Ha) evergreen Dipterocarps growing on either mineral or peat soils. On peat domes, ‘Forest’ may include low carbon stock pole forests....
Unknown - 0 B - MD5: 8eb743553d282823a4cf40b7c8aeb54e
Track the history of the type of vegetation present before plantations became established in concessions of oil palm and pulpwood. For each industrial plantation, we determined in which previous periods Forest was present and then Cleared/Deforested, by intersecting them with the...
May 5, 2017 - Global Comparative Study on REDD+
Global Comparative Study on REDD+; Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, 2017, "Global Database of REDD+ and Other Forest Carbon Projects",, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), V1
This dataset consists of the distribution of REDD+ projects worldwide. It was compiled by researchers based at CIFOR and the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina State University, based on information collected between July 2009 and December 2010,...
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Supplementary data, country border.
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